Enjoy a 5-star party wherever you want!

To be more flexible in meeting the needs of customers’ event organization, Elisa Restaurant has expanded its services to include Outside Catering, a form of serving events at the customer’s desired location such as at home, in the office, or outdoors. The quality of service is guaranteed to be similar to events held at Elisa’s restaurant.

  • The menu is designed and prepared by Elisa’s head chef
  • The setup of tables, chairs, and dishes is provided at the customer’s location.
  • A team of service staff will also be present throughout the event.



In contemporary times, numerous couples opt to hold their wedding receptions outdoors, featuring an exquisite, harmonious, and lavish menu. Elisa Floating Restaurant offers comprehensive wedding packages, complete with high-class banquet tables adorned with exquisitely presented Vietnamese, Western, Chinese, and Japanese delicacies boasting rich and distinctive flavors, ensuring guests’ utmost satisfaction when celebrating with the newlyweds.


The Finger Food Party is a casual and informal event that provides guests with the opportunity to savor small, bite-sized appetizers directly with their hands. The waitstaff will circulate throughout the gathering, carrying trays of food and inviting guests to indulge in the delectable offerings. This type of event is known for its relaxed and open ambiance, making it an excellent option for those seeking a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.


Tea Break is an ideal type of event for Outside Catering service, designed to help participants feel invigorated and relieve stress during formal meetings while also fostering closer connections between people. Tea Break is a perfect addition to opening events, conferences, seminars, and customer appreciation events.


Buffet Catering has become a popular and convenient choice for many companies, organizations, and families looking to create a unique and intimate atmosphere for their events. Elisa Floating Restaurant offers a high-class party package that includes a variety of Asian, European, Chinese, and Japanese dishes to satisfy guests’ diverse palates and preferences. With prompt and efficient service, guests can enjoy a hassle-free and satisfying dining experience..


The Set Menu is a classic Outside Catering service that is suitable for various events including New Year’s parties, year-end parties, family gatherings such as baby showers, full month celebrations, and birthday parties. Despite the emergence of modern party types, the Set Menu remains a popular choice due to its ability to create an intimate atmosphere for guests and its convenient decoration and serving options.